Being depressed in the greatest country in the World.

What’s the matter buddy, life got you down?

Where are the ups in life, time to send in the clowns.

A little humor would go a mile,

A grin or even a full face smile.


Hard to do  that when you see discrimination in  place,

Hard to do that when you are concerned with prejudice and race.

And now the environment is being attacked and stripped down,

Let us breath dirty air, pollution will be around the corner abound.


Get rid of those Mexicans for they are terrorists all,

Most of them are short stature and not very tall.

So to them I say we will give you a view of the United States from afar,

Do not bother coming here, for we are building our wall, this is our war.


Health care be damned,  no one will be covered, disease will win in the end.

This is the message from Congress, be well, mend yourselves, this is the message we send.


We are looking forward to the future, especially the next election.

Can not wait to see who the Democrats pick for their selection.


Image result for a cartoon picture of the world in smog

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