Puns are fun.

If time is relative than it is my cousin who is constantly late and then changes his watch time to show it is not late.

What really is the speed of light?  How does one measure it?  Is the flash faster or is he or she slower than that.

Hospitality industry should be not hostile so why does it charge so much?

If Cliff does cliff diving is he double dipping?

If you take one kernel out of a ear of corn do you have a corn?

If writing is wrong than can a scribe be illegible?

An old expression is the cat’s meow but is that not normal.  It would not be a cow meow?

What kind of ammunition is used in a war of words?

If tweety bird makes a tweet is it a retweet?

How does one turn their stomach?   Do you do a roll over?

Is a hash tag smashed up labels made up of spuds?

Does a person on speed the drug go faster in a red car or blue car?

The thief rolled over my IRA but all I lost was interest.

Remember when cop cars were black and white.  They called them oreo cruisers.

Who remembers the Alamo or the Maine?  Name a soldier in the  Alamo.

In San Antonio there is river walk.  How does one walk on the river?

The eyes reflect the soul.  Some sparkle and some are cold steel.  Which one are you?





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