It is obvious that Star Trek represented what we would be in the future.  One take was race relations.  The episode of a black and white man versus a white and black man reached the conclusion that was  predictable.  Spending time fighting one another has resulted in the waste of time, money and emotions.  And that is why I suspect that this would be resolved in a Star Trek future.  The mixture of Black and White people is common now.  Asian people have intermarried with both groups.  Take this a thousand years from now and we will have morphed into a non racial group combining all elements of society.  Therefore, Star Trek would have no Uhura, no Russian, no Asian but mixtures of them.  In fact even alien groups will upon meeting will mix after years of involvement.

Image result for a picture of star trek  original cast photo




While on a mission of mercy, the Enterprise comes across a shuttle craft stolen from Starbase 4. Its occupant is Lokai, a humanoid who is exactly half black and half white. Soon his pursuer, Commissioner Bele, arrives on board demanding that Lokai be turned over to him for transport to their home planet where Lokai has been convicted as a terrorist. Both men have extraordinary powers and it turns out that the pursuit has lasted 50,000 years. Their hatred of one another is racially based and, despite attempts by Kirk and others, they are not prepared to reconcile. The pursuit ends on their home planet where they learn the fate of their races.



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