A life of retirement: what a drag!

When I was a young lad working and being in school,

I fantasied being retired and having no worry and nothing to do.


No money problems, no issues, no one nagging me to the core,

No problems to confront me, no nay -sayers hanging around.


Then I hit thirty, three kids and a wife anchored me in the sea,

I had learned that my penis had a function more than to pee.


I worked three jobs to get through those precious years of strife,

Worked from the early morning to the nighttime and cursed my life.


At forty I figured I was getting ahead of the game,

Gray hairs started to appear and my mind heard voices, how inane.


At fifty I looked forward to retirement and at sixty I tried it for a while,

But the bills kept a coming and the IRS man had a crocodile smile.


And then at sixty- five I figured I was done and could sit in the rocker with no care,

Stupid me, bald and toothless, the mind drifting to senility, life is not fair.


Now I am seventy- one and back to work, the body needs to move,

The mind needs to be worked, stop and die, stay in the groove.


No more thoughts of the rocker, I see it as a place to die,

I seek the tranquility of using the body and mind, as I soar towards the sky.



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