Life out there?

Let us consider if there is some type of life in outer space?

Trying to figure out, yes or no, let us make the case.


We have found life on earth, so varied and different,

Animals and plants would they be peaceful or belligerent.


Would we find just carbon based or some various types of life?

Would they if found come in peace and smoke the peace pipe.


And how would they arrive, a saucer or plane?

A seed perhaps and upon earth would it rain?


Movies have depicted both good and bad,

The blob for example imbibing mom and dad.


Then there is Independence Day,

The problem was they blasted us away.


Thank goodness they developed a good virus,

The film ended with a bomb in a creature’s iris.


Mars Attacks was played for comedy and laughs,

But the thing, alias James Arness, took different paths.


All in all, and by many means the earth has been invaded by life in space,

Sometimes friendly but most of the time trying to eat the human race.


And so I cannot decide if there is life out there,

But then again it is so bad on earth would they dare.

Image result for a cartoon picture of a flying saucer

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