Superman and the phone company. Image result for superman changing in a phone booth

Image result for superman changing in a phone booth
Where did Superman have his costume washed?
How did he change in an area where his actions were watched?
Did they use fabric softener or even iron the S?
And what kind of undershirt did he wear to protect his chest?
Who selected the ties and picked out his suit?
Is this a question with no answer, I remain mute.
And when he goes to the bathroom and does a zip?
The question arises does his Superman underpants a snug fit?
These questions perturb me and give me a fit?
Did Superman as a you man have acne or a zit?
Did he go through puberty and how did he cut his hair?
Did he clip his toe nails and in which  church did he pray?
And with love was he scared of sex,
Would he have penetrated causing pain,
Could he have children causing him to go insane?
And would his children fly and have x ray vision?
Would he stay true to his cause and not stray from his mission?
And why have a job at all?  Did he eat and do bowel movements?
These questions are flooding my mind.

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