The elephant

We are about to say goodbye to the pachyderm,

That animal of transport, gray and strong and firm.

Elephant ivory has become your doom,

Carvings of your tusks are in the living room.

And then the grounding of your tusks to a powder,

Save this beast of burden! can I state it louder?

They are disappearing from the earth, an animal of God,

These animals that paraded in circus arenas and made as awed.

And why, for ivory handles on the guns of man,

For prescriptions in China made into powder by hand.

For statues of whatever to adorn the table in the living room,

We have killed these magnificent creatures with guns going boom.

And so the elephant will soon join the dodo bird,

Or just be saved in a few zoos and a few protected herds,

How absurd that a future generation of man will say what is that,

With a book on his or her lap they will be amazed as they sat.

And they will look at their parents and ask why?

And their parents will not know why the elephant had to die,

Goodbye Babar, and Dumbo with a tear in my eye,

I do sigh.

Image result for picture of an elephant

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