The body hurts with the adding on of age,

Nothing amazing here, nothing from a sage.

The bones creak at the crack of dawn,

The eyes are blurry with the advent of the morn.

It takes a moment to realize where you are,

You swing around the bed, go immediately to the bathroom,

Your body takes forever to get there, it is really not that far.

No work for you, retired a while ago,

No pressure to do anything, no place necessary to go.

Doctor appointments are viewed as a day on the town,

You look in the mirror and notice that there are wrinkles on your crown.

The hair is grey, that is what is left of it, and you never need to part it,

The ticker is still beating, no need of a jump start to start it.

Age is not what it is cracked up to be,

I hear it from the grim reaper who sits on my knee.

Below is my BFF who send his love to me, I will wait for a while to invite him to tea.

Image result for a cartoon picture of the grim reaper

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