The reason Kennedy was killed

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis‘s marriage to Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis sparked headlines around the world – but it was in more intimate circles where it caused the real drama.

Image result for picture of Ari and Jacqueline Kennedy

Jackie’s relationship with Onassis is thought to have tremendously hurt her sister, Lee Radziwill, who was reportedly romantically involved with Onassis in the early 60’s, while Jackie was married to President John F. Kennedy.

Jackie kept her engagement to Onassis a secret – and didn’t even tell her own sister. Onassis was the one to clue Radziwill in, and her reaction was swift.

Lee recently told Vanity Fair that Onassis “begged” her to come to the wedding.

Privately, Lee told trusted friend Truman Capote: “How could she do this to me!” according to Lee Radziwill biographer Diana DuBois.

To the outside world, however, she hid her inner turmoil. Before she boarded a plane from Paris to Athens for the wedding, she told reporters: “I am very happy to have been at the origin of this marriage, which will, I am certain, bring my sister the happiness she deserves,” the Sydney Morning Herald reported in 1968.

Several months before John F. Kennedy was assassinated, Onassis befriended Jackie Kennedy, America’s queen. In the agony following JFK’s death, Jackie clung to Onassis for friendship. In time, they become lovers. In 1968, the two married on Onassis’ privately owned island. Generally, the American public reacted very negatively to the news. One newspaper’s headline implored, “Jackie, How Could You?”

Never noticed but Kennedy and Jacqueline were not the ideal couple.  In fact there was tension in Camelot.  Along came the spider and with Ari’s resources the secret of the century is Oswald was manipulated into killing John F.,  remember as a Catholic divorce was not an option.  The only option  was the killing of John F. Kennedy by the manipulated Oswald.


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