Part two Kennedy and Oswald

gun used by Oswald was bought March 1963.  Note it was bought with a scope.  Conclusion: Oswald was going for distance.  He was not committing suicide and getting in close.  He would take his shots and try to get away.

That Oswald found work at the Book Depository is nothing less than a miracle. Many little pieces, seemingly unconnected, had to fall into place — and they did.

Just a week before, Oswald nearly got a job as a typesetter trainee at a printing company far from what would be President Kennedy’s motorcade route. He wanted the job badly, and made a favorable impression on his would-be-boss — until the boss called Bob Stovall, a prior boss at Padgett Printing Co., who fired Oswald in April 1963. Stovall told him of Oswald’s poor attitude and lazy work habits. He was a troublemaker and may be a communist, Stovall said, adding, “If I was you, I wouldn’t hire him.”

Had Oswald been hired, the world never would have heard of him, and it’s likely President Kennedy’s visit to Dallas would have gone smoothly — as it did until his dark blue Lincoln Continental turned onto Elm Street.

It’s also important to note that even though Oswald was about to become a father for the second time, he lived alone, in a cheap rooming house in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas. Marina, eight months pregnant and tired of Oswald’s beatings and unstable behavior, was living in suburban Irving at the home of Ruth Paine, a woman who had previously befriended the Oswalds. Ruth, no stranger to Oswald’s mistreatment of Marina, made it clear that he would have to live elsewhere, and could only visit with her and Marina’s approval.

On the morning of October 14, Ruth and Marina were having coffee at a neighbor’s house. At one point, the conversation turned to Oswald and the fact that he needed a job.

Two possibilities were raised: one at a local bakery and another at a gypsum plant. But those jobs required driving, and Oswald didn’t know how to drive. His prospects were narrow. But another neighbor in the little coffee klatch, Linnie Mae Randall, mentioned that her brother had just gotten a job at a place called the Texas School Book Depository downtown. It was the busy season, Linnie Mae said, and perhaps they could use another man.

Ruth Paine and Marina, who wanted Oswald to pull his weight, called the Depository. Superintendent Roy Truly said he would see Oswald the next day, October 15.

As he did at the printing company, Oswald made a good impression during the interview. He called Truly “sir,” which impressed Truly. He also lied to Truly that he was just out of the Marines (Oswald got out in 1959 and had his discharge reduced to “dishonorable” after defecting to the Soviet Union). Truly didn’t bother to check Oswald’s references and offered him a job filling book orders for $1.25 an hour. Oswald thought it beneath him, but needing a paycheck, took the job.

The printing company, the bakery, the gypsum plant — had any of those jobs worked out, Oswald would not have been in a position to shoot President Kennedy on November 22. And there’s something else many conspiracy theorists overlook: The Texas School Book Depository had two locations in 1963. Truly, Oswald’s boss, nearly told Oswald to report to a storage warehouse elsewhere, but at the last minute, decided he could use the extra help at the main location — in Dealey Plaza.

It took a string of tiny things to put Lee Harvey Oswald in the Texas School Book Depository on November 22, 1963. If it was a conspiracy, then everyone, at each point along the way, would have had to be in on it. One boss checked references, another didn’t. Neighbors gossiping over coffee and cigarettes. The wrong skills for one job, the right skills for another. A warehouse here, or a warehouse there. Had any one of these minor footnotes to history been slightly different, what would our world be like today?

Sounds like no conspiracy, yet he was hired Oct. 15th, and the killing took place Nov. 22.   Question how did he note the procession would be going past him?  How did he get the rifle in to the building?  How did he get to a window and just wait there with no one seeing him?  The day it happened on a Friday.  A workday.  It occurred at 12:30 was everyone else at lunch?

Did most people in the building go outside to see the President pass by?

This is the car that Oswald drove to Dallas, Texas. How come he did not use it to escape from the Depository after firing the shot that killed Kennedy?

Image result for a picture of the car that Oswald owned

Oswald had slipped out of the book depository unchallenged after the shooting, walked several blocks, caught a city bus, and then hailed a taxi that took him to his boarding house. There he picked up a pistol and a coat and began to walk aimlessly. Did he expect to be apprehended soon? Did he have an escape plan? Or was he in some sort of daze that prompted the aimless walk? If he was trying to escape, how would he do it with no money for a train or airline ticket? Or was he pondering what he would tell the police once they caught him? Darwin thought this question was relevant to the assassin’s interrogations at the police station after the arrest. His interrogators were amazed at how tough and unfazed Oswald had been during his grilling as if he had steeled himself mentally for the confrontation.

From Oswald’s rooming house, we proceeded to 214 W. Neely St., still in Oak Cliff. It was there that Oswald and his wife, Marina, had lived with their small child after they returned from Russia, and where in the garden Marina Oswald had taken the famous photograph of the assassin with his new mail-order rifle on his hip.

I find it strange that his escape route was a city bus.  He left the rifle behind and surely his fingerprints were on the gun and the area where he took the shots.  He obviously was aware he would be caught.

Image result for a picture of the gun Oswald used

Putting it together.  The gun was bought way in advance of his getting the job where he had a view of Kennedy passing by.  The gun was bought with a scope and therefore was set up for a killing.  How did Oswald get the job, smuggle in the gun and be in position to kill Kennedy?  How can one believe that Oswald did it alone?  To many coincidences.  These actions were not random.  There is secrets hidden.  Follow the steps and they do not make sense.  What do you think?  Am I blowing smoke?


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