Trump needs brass balls.

If you get chance watch the Caine Mutiny part where Quegg is questioned on the witness stand.  He manipulates the brass balls in his hands as he talks about the conspiracy against him on a variety of topics.  Eventually he gets to the strawberry conspiracy and how there is a magically missing key.

Image result for a picture of brass balls

Now flash back to our future president.  Tangents are his main venue as he deflects from any true policies.  He even tweeted about Meryl Strep and her rant against him.  Like I mentioned the only thing missing are the brass balls.

We have met the enemy and he is us.  Our insecurities and paranoia are on high alert.

Welcome to a bumpy ride.  Even the people he nominated for his team contradict some of the policies he professes to uphold.

Remember to follow the money. Who is going to build the wall?  Who gets the contracts and who funded his bid for the run to become president?

Mr. Ponzi is a trivial pursuit question and Trump will outshine him by a mega what.

We will build the wall and Humpty Dumpty is awaiting the fall.  A wall can be tunneled, flown over, or gotten around.  Next we will laser the area as trip wires.  Then the mines will be installed.  Machine guns will be positioned.  No, you say, wait, I say.

Waterboarding is coming back.  It is okay for the water is pure from Flint.  Next electroshock to make them talk.  Then elevate it to criminals and we will all be reading 1984 and citing it as gospel.

Watch the skies, the internet and your phone conversations for they are watching you.




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