Jules our cat broke his leg

Jules the cat went to the vet,

Yes, Jules is our special pet.

He climbed into the ceiling in the basement below,

Fell somehow and survived the fall to the floor.


But somehow this clumsy pet suffered a broken bone in his paw,

He was limping like crazy and meowing from pain more and more.

Image result for a picture of a turkish van cat
A picture of a Turkish Van


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Related image
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Related image


And therefore to the vet we did go,

X-rays a bunch and a splint for his leg and toe,

The animal who does not like to be held,

Rang up a bill that is enormous as hell.


But the stray that we picked up five years ago,

Is part of the family and his worth it, you know.

Pets enter our lives and sneak under your skin,

Sometimes they are better than your very own kin.


The only question I have is how can a cat, agile and limber,

Fall to the floor like a tree made of oak and yelling timber.


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