DNA test: fact or fiction

Well the results are in on my wife’s DNA test.  Mine will be following shortly.  It came as no shock that the results showed European Jew probably from the Ukraine.  We pretty well knew that.  I loved the fact that if I spent over two thousand dollars I could get a primary researcher to delve into the past.  But to what avail or purpose.  Curiosity killed the cat and so I just say meow.  Anyway how do I know it is real.  Anyone can write anything and make it sound possible.  I probably am related to the Jew from the Merchant of Venice.  So what.

At seventy one it is pure curiosity and not much else.  I have bumped into some people and some were interesting.  Most are the common Joe and Jill.  Just living the life and going through smiles and frowns, ups and downs and occasionally winning and sometimes losing.

I did teaching over forty years in classrooms and am as smart as the average guy.  I take my car in for oil changes and rotate my tires once in a while.  A car mechanic I am not and it has cost me money.  Maybe I should have been one.  Maybe I should have learned a second language or learned to play the guitar.  But no, I guess I was to lazy.  Now I could but I blog instead and put together a puzzle or two and write the great novel which will never be published.



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