Some nonsense for the afternoon

Dimes make no sense, okay ten cents, but to make them makes no sense or nonsense because they cost almost as much to make them as they are worth.

Pennies are not from heaven, they are not worth a plug nickel, nor does it make cents to manufacture them.

Get rid of them and add the nickel and maybe even the quarter.

Everything is a dollar and round it up like cattle on a cattle drive.

A dollar of gas is real.  A gallon of gas should not be two dollars and fifty cents and ninety -nine percentage on a dollar.  It is ludicrous just like the singer.

Does fifty cents have a half- brother.  The other fifty cents.

Who does Cher share with now that her days are no longer Sunny.

Can Jack Sprat who eats no fat go to MacDonald’s where everything is fat oriented.

Are oriental people unhappy with the concept of being from the Orient.  Do Thai people eat out at Chinese Restaurants or they strictly go to Thai Eateries?

Do people named Marshall do martial arts?

Did Miss Kitty ever marry Matt and did she own Kitties?

Can a bitch be in heat in the winter?

How slow was the turtle?  Did he con the hair off the hare?

How do they get the glutten out of stuff?  What is worth a pound of glutten or a pound of fat?


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