West trivia and answers

Trivia from the west

  1. What show had James Arness as Matt Dillion? Gunsmoke
    1. Richard Boone played the man with a card, have gun, will travel. He was ______________?Paladin
    1. He went after wanted posters that said dead or alive?Steve McQueen
      1. What show had John Wayne as a weekly cowboy?He never had a show
      1. Nick Adams played the ___________?Rebel
      2. James Garner was __________________?Maverick
      3. William Conrad was in the __________________?Wild, Wild West
      4. Clint Eastwood was in _____________?Rawhide
      5. The man with a mask and a side kick named Tonto was _______?The Lone Ranger
      6. Zorro used a ______________to make the Z.blade

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