Life and reflection

It is amazing to me that people think that the day before new years is really any different compared to the day after new years.

Yes we change the date.  Yes comparisons will be made between the years.  But really one day is like another.  Things rarely change over night.  People are born and people die.  Bills are passed and others met their demise by not being enforced.  A new movie comes out and in a few years is surpassed by the next mega movie.


Same old and same old.  The change is slow and hardly noticeable.  A new person reads my blog and another stops reading it.  I pay the electric bill or the electric is shut off.  I put gas in my tank and the car will hopefully get me to the next destination.

Right now my son is in the Pacific heading toward Japan.  He is half way around the world.  But with facebook I see what he is doing.  He went snorkeling in the Pacific but if you did not know that he could be in the Atlantic.  My Grandson is with him.  They are having a great time.  Life goes on.  We get older not younger.  New people come into our lives and some depart.  It is not the circle of life but the circles of life.  Circles inside circles. And on occasion a rectangle finds its way into the square.


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