Rudolph found murdered

Rudolph was murdered the night after the flight.

He was choked to death sometime at night.

Who was responsible, who could have done the deed so foul.

He was snuffed out,  his body found on a bloodied towel.


The towel had the letter B prominently displayed.

And Blitzen was arrested and the case was made.

Under the glare of lights and cross questions he confessed his crime.

The reason given was jealousy and hatred built over time.


I hated his nose which was always snobbish and tilted upright.

I could not stand his ego and his relationship with Santa was not right.

I caught them behind the sleigh doing things I will not mention.

This was the last straw and finally my breaking point reached high tension.


I grabbed the towel and stuffed it down his throat past that nose so red.

And in a few minutes that big mouth was limp and quite dead.

Image result for a cartoon picture of rudolph the reindeer



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