The future is around the corner



You can make a pair of sneakers on your 3D printer and as your child size increases replace it with another pair cloned on that printer.  Sounds futuristic.  Well, it can be done now.


We can 3D body parts.  Replacement knees.  Arms and Legs in a printer.  Sized for an individual.  Sounds futuristic.  Well, it is being worked on now.


Cloning has been around for a long time.  I know you think of Dolly as number one.  But this was a cell cloned from an adult.


The original theory was that you need a sperm cell and an egg cell to produce a full creature.  Not true.  Each cell has everything.  Not a half creature joined by the uniting of two cells.


And this was experimented over a hundred years ago.


Uber cars will drive us while we relax and play video games in the car.  Text and leave the driving to us.  In the future, no, now.


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