Para sailing in Mexico

Taking a Chances

We, the people, assume the right to take chances. We will celebrate and shoot off fireworks thinking we know what we are doing. It is our right

Of course we are smart enough to use fireworks that are safe. We buy the cheapest and most dangerous toys of all on this day. The result is a few fingers and maybe an eye or two. But we will not leave it all to the professionals. We take chances.

I too have taken chances. We all do. I was on a trip to Mexico in the 1980’s. As a side trip I went to Acapulco to see the divers. During the day I was walking along the beach and I saw something I wanted to do. A boat towing people para sailing looked promising. I went to the young man in charge. I indicated in my broken Spanish that I was willing to do the deed. He kept saying “Gordo” over and over. I assumed that meant brave so I pounded my chest and said “Gordo, Gordo.”

Reluctantly the young man strapped the appliance around my body hooking me up to the parachute that was attached by cable to the motor boat. Within seconds I was in the air like a bird. It was beautiful and quite an experience. As I floated over the water I looked down. There was the water below me and I suddenly realized that if the cable broke I would be drifting into the water which may contain sharks and on top of that I am a poor swimmer. I thought of myself as chump food for the sharks and a chump for taking a chance. Finally the boat headed for shore. Then I realized I had not been given any instruction on how to land. I plopped into the water and scrapped up my leg. By the by I learned later that Gordo meant heavy or overweight not brave.

I wrote this story because people take chances and sometimes pay with their lives.  We do it all the time. We climb up on a roof.  We did not mean to fall.  We text and drive.  We did not mean to have the accident.  We pull pranks that when we look at them were really foolish.  We close the government and think people will reelect us in spite of our stupidity.  We put our faces in the mouth of the lion and do not expect him to bite us.  Ah people, we believe we are invincible and we are not.

Image result for cartoon of a liontamer with his head in a lions mouth

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