Words that puzzle me?


mid 15th century: from hog + wash; the original sense was ‘kitchen swill for pigs.’



Hog wash: washing the hog?  What do you wash them with?

It means nonsense or the crap we feed hogs.

It should apply to Congress for they have been feeding hog wash as legislation for the past few years.

What is the difference between hog wash and balderdash?

Senseless talk or writing; nonsense.


What does it mean when the weather man says there is a stray shower?

What did it stray from?

Is rye grass used to make rye bread?

Where is the fountain in a fountain pen?

If you go to work five days a week and park your car in the same space is that mean you are parking a lot?
How much iron is in irony?


Are convicts who are given phones in prison, given cell phones?

Do Indians make reservations on a reservation?





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