Mirror Image

You ever look into the mirror and speculate that it is not you,

That there is a being there with thoughts of its own.

It moves with motion and mimics your actions but,

Is it really doing that or is it some kind of clown, a clone.


You wrinkle your forehead and it does the same,

You move to the right and make frowns to drive it insane.

But is it you, or are we programmed to think that,

I know the mirror is like a camera it makes you look fat.


Behind the mask and deep inside that head you hold up with a neck,

There are thoughts moving around, some deep and some just dreck.

And then it happens that small smile you try to repress,

The one you giggle at and then it is time to dress.


For you have things to do, the bills must be paid,

There is food to be had, the refrigerator to raid.

The chores that piled up and the things that must be done,

Some of these trite and boring and some border on fun.


Oh mirror image if I only could take you for that ride,

But you are stuck in the flat screen before me and it is time for you to hide.


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