Technology is the Beast

The news was bizarre to say the least,

Wars everywhere and technology the beast,

We could kill by drone flying high in the air,

We could kill dozens with the attitude of “I do not care.”


Technology kills on the battlefield and heals in the medical rooms,

The joy of healing and the agony of horrific booms,

We save and wound in a carnage of good and bad,

Why can we not stop the mindless circle, it is so sad.


And we hate, oh boy do we hate,

Which is the fisherman and who is the bait?

The humans caught in between and killed are just a mistake,

All the numbers are not real and most are fake.


Tell that to the boy without a leg or an arm,

If only wars could not kill or harm.

And the fat cats laugh, as the slaughter goes on and on,

Telling lies to their people, the great con.


Will Hillary stop this insanity or Trump make peace,

We have drummed this election into the ground and soon we will face the beast.

God above have mercy in your heart,

For at hand is the moment when we can all be blown apart.



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