The means of death

CSI at work.

Did arte choke to death?

Pickles was speared into four slices?

The cucumber was soaked in brine and then stewed to death?

The French toast was fried on a grill.

The bagel was smeared and then covered with lox.

The Chinese was MSGed to excess, the man died of diabetes from the overdose of salt.

The jalapeno burned out the windpipe causing the rupture of the tubes.

The cat nip was buried in the dog food and Fido met his demise.

Yale was locked up in the closet where he was keyed to death.

The worker was banged over the head by his super visor in the middle of the knight. He died from the concussion.

Peanut oil was used in the recipe and since the nut job was allergic he died quickly by a negative reaction.

Dee died from a bee sting. It seems a bee hive was under her bed. Her honey did her in.


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