America at the crossroads

The poetry flowed from his fingers to the paper and yet the words made no sense,

At least not to the readers of the time, but at a later date they seemed to be words of prophesy.


Nostradamus would be proud, if he really was a seer, but in reality did he know the words that he wrote really had meaning or did history apply meaning to the words with time.


The legends can be bent and then new meaning is applied with time.


Thus the legend of the United States was born.  Out of the fire of revolution came a being of truth, justice and freedom from want.


You think Superman or Captain America but in truth the being was a simple man with a common background.  His weapon a pen and ink and paper.  His power the words of the mind, thoughts and belief in doing the right thing.


Scary thoughts in a world which accepted tyranny.  A new concept evolved.  Democracy.  Words like representation and the rights of men and women.


How long would be the reign of Democracy?  No one could tell.  It marches on with the hope it will have a long life.   Will Hillary or Trump continue the march or destroy it?  This election is that important.


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