A few puzzlements to my mind

Manipulated in female terms would be femalpulated?

Is capital punishment the punishment of letters which are capitalized?

Is flamboyant involved with flames?

“They lit up my life,” said Joan of Arc?

Did Noah get help from Joan of Arc when he built his ark?

When a toad takes a crap does it produce toad stools?

Notice that evil is in the devil?

Do angels have wings and fly in the clouds?

Do imps in hell have no wings and cannot fly up and will not go into the clouds?

Then violent storms are impless?

What about hurricanes, tornados and violent storms?

If re stands for about what is repeat?  Is it about peat?

When Evil Knevil died did he go to hell and do jumps over lava?

Are cyclops worried about cataracts?

How small are minitours?

Do mazes amaze the rats?

How do people trip up?  Would they not fall down?


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