A few questions of non plus variety

Fingerprints are taken, but can you take a footprint?

Do accounts make bank deposits that bounce?

You can dye your hair and go weird with the color and then you will die on the streets while people shriek at you.

You can snake a pipe, you can go ape and you can con an artist.

Are slips slippery, are they like eels and do you feel like a snake has you in a grip in a tight one.

Can an uptight person get tight with scotch.

If you mix Evian and Perrier waters are they just water?

If urine has color can it be purple, or green, or white?

Suppose I eat a hundred oreo cookies, would my urine be black and white?

If the secret service recruits  do it in secret?

Butter up someone gives me the image of smearing the yellow substance on their body.

Can you make a fence out of epees?

Is a submarine a soldier underground?

Can a Uboat be refitted to become a Yboat?


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