Mister (Mist er) Pot: That is right. In those states where pot is illegal. A mist machine that takes the incense mixed with small doses of pot and aerates a room. The smell is not illegal. And the amount of pot is under an ounce. Each packet is a mixture of pot, high grade and potent but under one ounce and a potpourri of smells. You put it into the mister and walla you have a room filled with pot mist and smells. You breathe it in and get a small high but it is also good for the ailments that you are trying to overcome. Pain, depression and other aliments will be eased.


Mrs. Pot: A massage cream with pot as an ingredient. It is to be rubbed on to the chest. It would be absorbed into the lungs and have a medical effect like Vicks Vapor Rub. The smell of the mixture would be breathed in like a spearmint.


In Florida the law was defeated that would have made Pot legal. Morgan and Morgan, a law firm was behind the push. It was directed purely for medical pot and not for recreation but by a margin of three per cent it went down to defeat. It will be on the next election as an amendment for another round. But my two suggestions above would aid those with terrible conditions and are suffering now.


  • <b>baby</b> <b>smoke</b> <b>weed</b>
     But this is what I fear.




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