Eating our pets, oh my!

Did you ever notice the names of dogs versus cats is unique to say the least?

We have an animal named Fluffy so could you tell which category is this beast?

Fido is obvious and Kitty Poo is as easy as apple pie,

Uniqueness is out there but dog or cat it’s easy, oh my.

Do we name the cows as they graze in the meadow?

What about the deer in the forest, that Bambi doe?

Does the bear have a name, yes Smokey looking for a fire?

Even the pig is named, Baby, the bacon concept is dire.

We do not eat the animals we name, but beware those with no monocle.

You are run through the slaughterhouse like the biker on a cycle.

We have that favorite turkey, pardoned by the President,

Millions are slaughtered for Thanksgiving, while the pardoned pay no rent.

Would you fillet Nemo, or Dory from the fishing crops?

What about gorilla meat, hippo hips or zebra chops?

It is astounding to the veggie in me, to understand the fascination with pets for food.

Rabbit stew by the pound, ground up doggie on a bun, cat sirloins, oh my goodness, how rude.

Artificial meat is the new vogue and found in restaurants on the side list.

If we had to kill a pet, the crying that would happen from the children, would persist.

So tonight when you eat that steak with a potato or two,

Take a roundabout look and take the veggie view.

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