Marriage to the Devil

I had a girlfriend who gave milk of magnesia from her ample breast,

It came out in a flood and it was sour and a pouring of liquid mess.

Her navel was a large as to float a small ship,

I dated her only once and then gave her the slip.


But she was a stalker and a talker to boot,

I declined although she was willing to give me her loot.

She was insane with a twist of Hitchcock and a temper hot as a fire,

In a moment of crazy passion I drowned in my own desire.


Now she declared pregnant to the world in a voice of a roar,

She declared me the father and my ego was skewed as a spear through a boar.

The child was born in eight months of bloating womanhood,

He was somewhat like a devil and had a cobra hood.


I ran from this family and took refuge, arrested by the police,

I hid from them and refused to acknowledge them and the phone calls finally decreased.

Now I lie in my cell staring at the walls, a man broken into parts,

My sin was a moment  of passion and it speared me through my heart.




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