Men and women speak different languages

Men are deaf to a women’s high pitched voice,

This is true as lips with a cinnamon bun is moist.

We have selective hearing and only understand a few words of the female language,

We get stuck on words that have commitment in them and words of marriage.


We hear those words that give us pleasure, like you are the stud muffin of males,

You are what I dreamt up in my deep sleep of fairy tales.

We hear our physical appearance is neat and manly and turns you on,

We hear that you compare us to a steed studding at the stud farm.


We do not hear nagging like take out the trash,

We do not hear the words that annoy us and ask us for cash,

We do not hear we smell and a shower is required after a long day of work,

We do not hear that we have behaved badly or we have acted like a jerk.


We know how to coo, we know how to woo but we seldom do,

Unless there are things we want and on occasion that is you.


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