I work at a hotel.  They give the guests free coffee in the room.  The breakfast also features free coffee.  But the thing that boggles my mind is some customers get their car and go to Starbucks to spend money  for their coffee rather than take the free coffee that is offered.

I am going for a haircut shortly.  Now I must note that I have the hair that looks like Friar Monk.  In other words not much up there.  Yet the haircut takes the same time and cost the same as a person who has a full head of hair.  Should I not get a discount.

I have a baseball card collection which has actually lost money.  The cards which had valued have hit rock bottom.  With three d. printers you can manufacture the cards and sell them on ebay even thou they are phony.  I also note that autographs can be forged easily and many sell them as real even thou they are phony.

Did Trump graduate college> did he pay for his grades?  Did he go to an off shore college selling decrees from outside the three mile limit? What courses did he take and what were his grades>  I am asking the same of Hillary.

I have been watching old movies lately and noted that many are used in making new movies today.  Many seem to have sex involved secretly in their writings.  Thing dirty:  Hang Them High, the Dirty Dozen, and more.  By the bye, Is not Suicide Squad just the Dirty Dozen with a female in it?

Colorado sells pot but if you cross state lines they will arrest you if you resell it.

How big does a boat have to be to be a yacht?  What does PT stand for in a boat?

Is a ring around the Rosie asking her for her hand?

What does one find on a poop deck?  The sea gulls have a field day on the wooden splinters.

How fitting getting a splinter when one walks the plank to their doom.

Is one lugs a gauge is it a bellhop pushing luggage?

If you put a dozen seers in a room will they argue about the future?

Think of the Big Bang Theory, if a mass exploded to cause the planets and universe how dense was it?  It must have been in a Black Hole because the explosion would have been from the mass pressing in.



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