A Love Story

He was a reporter looking for a story,

He worked for the county paper The Old Glory,

He drove out of town and rode into the rural area in his old Chevy,

He found a small town out in nowhere and crossed over the bridge at the levy.

And then he saw a strange sight, one that made him stop the car.

In a cemetery on an old country road just outside of the town of Jonestown.

He stopped and took out his trusty camera, for what he saw made him frown.

A young man was on his one knee and asking a young girl to marry him.

That was not very strange but the place this occurred was no whim.

It was a cemetery and they pledged their love in front of two graves,

He waited until they left and then went to the spot where the flowers do wave,

He saw two gravestones close together and realized they were a married couple now deceased and gone,

On both gravestones was the name and the dates of birth and death and a small rocking chair well done.

He was curious and went into town to a small bar, named Glory.

He asked the bartender about the sight he saw and asked about the story.

It seemed that these two now deceased lovers had a love deep and pure,

They use to rock on the porch for hours and bath in their love for sure,

And they died at the same moment, hand in hand,

They were buried side by side, and a legend was born.

And now anyone in town pledged their love at the cemetery where they were interned.

A love pure and consecrated and a love that would light the fire and make it burn.

So the reporter wrote about the story and before you could count to ten,

People from all over the county and the surrounding area picked up the tradition,

On each marriage certificate is a picture of the symbol of a rocking chair,

A symbol of forever love and the deep feeling of love which is so rare.


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