Confusion in the Ranks.


Scenario One: A young man loses his father who is a policeman. A sad true story. The policeman’s car is retired six years after the death and the kid now a teenager wants it. It is up for auction and he has saved and scrimped to be able to bid for it.

The day of the auction he bids like crazy to get this dream car. To him it means a lot. Memories and dad. But there is another bidder, a farmer who outbids him. The kid loses. But at the last moment the farmer takes the keys to the car he won and hands them to the kid. Wishes him well. Tears are shared even by these guys.

In fact I was a little choked up by the gesture.

Sometimes people do the right thing. That is the strength of America. We are tough but compassionate.

Scenario Two: I picked up a hitchhiker as I traveled from my job to home. During the trip he kept talking about my nice car and how hungry he was. I felt very uncomfortable. I regretted my decision to pick him up and my kindness morphed into consternation. I saw a McDonald’s and pulled in. I gave the guy a ten spot and told him to go in and get us some hamburgers and cokes. The line of cars was pretty large and that is why he should go in. As soon as he was in the store I pulled out with relief in my heart. Sometimes compassion can be abused.

Scenario three: We bring into this country thousands who then become citizens and pay taxes. They also use facilities and although they bring commerce to stores they also need to be educated, protected and in some cases given aid. Eventually they become a political force that wants laws to enable that group. Welcome to America and the American way. This scenario is true of every group that came to America. That is the American way.

Compassion is America but is it a two way sword? What do you think?


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