The use of words is confounding to the listner.

What is a tally ho?  The adding up of the whores?

Is abhor a whore with abs?

Abstain a mark of shame on ones abs?

absent the sending of abs in the mail?

Is mail carriers all male or some female and thus female carriers who are pregnant with child?

I used to play stoop ball but now there are less stoops and I can stoop less with age.

Was Godzilla a God of zilla?  Did Mothra have a desire to go into the flame?

Does anything grow because of bombardment of nuclear energy?

I hear there are breast implants that can be activated to glow in the dark in case there is a power outage.

Did Wonder Woman wear a wonder bra and eat Wonder Bread?

Does Superman’s urine eat through metal?

Did Fu Manchu have a fu manchu beard?

If you tickle your rib cage do you use barberque sauce?

If A one sauce tenderizes meat what does it do in  your belly?

I was in a traffic jam and there was no jelly to  be found.

Waste not on the waist said the cellulite.



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