Slop in the early morning hogs my mind.

Harry Potter Shaping Clay

Picture - Potter Shaping Clay. Fotosearch - Search Stock Photos, Images, Print Photographs, and Photo Clip Art
Should not a rail car carry rails?
What kind of rabbit do you stew?  Bonnie or Bunny with or without hare?
What trick is the trade?
What port has port o’potty and what does one find on the poop deck?
There is a movie called Dead Zone and I wonder if it is near Ozone?
How frigid is the refrigerator and is the ice cube a cube after it melts?
Did Uncle Tom own his cabin?
What is the difference between cabana boy and cabin boy?
How lazy is Susan?
Does a foul ball smell bad?
Did Flipper ever flip off his trainer?
What does a training bra do and how does it train?
If a person has claustophobia should he or she not be buried in a open coffin?
Is it impolite for a dead person to cough in his coffin?
I had mostly d grades in school and my diploma over  the years has degraded.
Did the chef sample all his works and did the pie man nibble his crust?
Did the pie have earth crust and brown pigment?
How much pig is in pigment?

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