Time in a Bottle

Is time in a bottle?  And the sands run out and measure it?

Life starts with a full bottle of sand and then when the last grain is out we expire.

Then the question is since the sand still exists is it like our soul and just in a different place?

And that is life.  We leave behind the empty bottle and the legacy is meaningless for all bottles are basically the same.  Size does not matter for an empty bottle is just an empty bottle and time erodes the memories of what the sands did.

Life is good deeds.  Doing good makes one feel good.  Does it affect the soul after it leaves the body or the bottle?  Probably not but that is what you get. At  least it is something.

We are a ripple in the sand.  A slight movement in one place has consequences in another place.  Does it really matter?  Smile for deep thoughts are like a drop in a well.  And well it matters at a time and place when you think it matters.

Live long and live well.  Remember you are a grain of sand.



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