My mind wasted

What card game does Donald Trump excel at?  Bridge for he is the king of Trumps.

Hillary is a live with the Sound of Music but a lot of people are deaf.

Trump wants a wall at our southern border but the problem is one can go under, over and around walls.

Remember Sassafras, Root Beer from A and W, board games that actually have a board, and cars that ran on gasoline that only  cost a dollar?

I am now ancient said the Mariner, I do not have GPS to find out where the ship is?

Remember opening a bank account and getting a toaster?

I believe my memory foam pillow has dementia for it does not go back into shape.

I was sitting through a sitcom and realized that all the actors in it have passed on. Do you think that the heirs get residuals?

If space is the final frontier than the back of my closet should be extended out.

Carrier pigeons have egos and some will not carry trite messages.

My computer is a cannibal for it eats and bytes me.

Somewhere there is a blogger blogging out nonsense on my computer and I am forced to read the dribble.



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