God the ultimate suit maker

We go through chapters in our time on earth,

The beginning phase the stages surrounding the birth,

Then our preteen years when we are cute as a button,

Then the years of growth as we challenge the world, our words are a cutting in.


Then the schooling is over and on to work we go and life becomes day after day,

Then the time when we learn that the words we use are not really what they say.

Then the purity of love and the holding of hands and the smiles of delight,

The rush of anticipation of seeing love in a whole new light.


Then the living with someone new and the ying and yang of egos,

Sometimes ending in disparity among the lovers and amigos.

And before you know it middle age has crept up from behind,

The silkiness of the skin fades and your rump sags by gravity design.


Then the mellowness of age and the wisdom of time dimmed by success and failure.

Life is a made up of pieces of cloth and God is the tailor.


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