The Serial Killer and some observations


Serial Killer Statistics Data
Number of classified Serial Killers worldwide since 1980 154
Number of classified Serial Killers in the U.S. since 1980 87
Number of active serial killers at any given time in the U.S. 35
Number of serial killer suspects currently on the FBI list 271
Percent of serial killers who experienced problems related to substance abuse 72.5 %
Percent of psychopath’s that show abnormal brainwave patterns, or EGGs 38 %
Percent of serial killers who received extensive head injuries as children 70 %
Percent of serial killers who will still wetting their beds as adolescents 60 %
Percent of serial killer victims that were chosen completely at random 15 %
Average IQ of serial killers 94.7
Average age of Victims 33.5
Demographics of Serial Killer Percent
By Race
White 52.21 %
Black 40.3%
Hispanic 6.1%
Asian 0.7%
Native American 0.8%
By Sex
Men 90.8%
Women 9.2%
Ex Military
No Military 79.2%
Military 20.8%
Motives for killing Percent
Enjoyment (thrill, lust, power) 46.11 %
Financial Gain 31.68 %
Multiple Motives 8.12 %
Anger 7.84 %
Gang Activity/ Criminal Enterprise 3.28 %
Avoid Arrest 1.21 %
Attention 0.62 %
Convenience 0.73 %
Hallucination 0.41 %
Cult 0.21 %


I note that there are thirty five people out there right now doing serial killings and ready to strike.  Note: mostly men.  Note: mostly white.  Note: mostly non military.  Note: the reason behind the killings the enjoyment of the kill.

Now the questions.  Why?  The data base is out there and the profile is there. so why are there thirty five active killers running the streets waiting for the next victim?  Note: the percentage of serial killers who had head injuries as children and the pattern of bed wetting?

Can we draw any conclusions?  Yes every once in a while some one will be outside the stats.  But should we now have a data base of head injuries and follow these people as they get older?  Evasive you are right?  But are we going to become a society which starts to evade our private rights.  What do you think?  Is the future monitoring us to the point of Minority Report?



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