A few words on the recent events that will probably get you angry.

We are heading for 320 million people. We are increasing in population while Russia and England are stagnate.  What ever is causing the rise in population is not that we are behaving like rabbits but that so many are coming here.  We are still the place to come to.

Democracy or economics I am not sure which or combination of both.  Either way the droves are coming in.  One thing I am certain of is the insanity of the times.

This insanity is spurred on by the press.  The press that makes sure you are told of every instance there is violence and harps on it until you are numb.  Are there bad people out there?  Yes, most definitely.  But how do we react to them?  That is the question.

The events of lately are tragic but no more tragic then the past.  I am seventy and I remember the riots of the past.  This is a nation of diverse people and not everyone gets along.  Add to that that some people are stretched thin as far as being pushed over the edge and some will snap.  How do we stop the reaction when one snaps.  That is the question.

Okay there are protests in the streets.  Over the killing of Black People.  Review the situation and let the systems figure out what is going on.  I hear everyone wants communication but we can talk until we are blue in the face and it will not be solved.

Recommendations are needed.  I looked up the stats and there were less violence in the old west than a typical Chicago day of blood letting.

The roots of the problem are deep and the scabs that are on it tend to give rise to blood oozing out.  Most people want to go about their business and stay out of the fray.

Some actually get off on the violence and the power it brings.  Then there is the money aspect.  Some actually make a living in promoting violence.

It all circles around the words of the Constitution.  “All men (and women) are created free”   The problem is we all have chains that rattle when we negotiate life.

We have economic chains, prejudice chains and the hate in our hearts that rises to the surface easily.

One man kills three and the nation is reeling.  One man in 320 million people goes on a rampage against the police and we are moving mountains.  Moving the mountain will not reverse the prejudice that lies under the surface.  It will take a lot to do that.  Rational minds have got to put a finger on how to fix the problems.  All share the blame.

Blacks need to get it together and Whites need to get it together.  Killing brings on more killing and the circle just goes around endlessly.


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