Zoned Out

I have a bad problem and one that I do not really understand,

When I think of something deeply my mind goes out of hand.

Let us say I am writing a short story in my mind,

This is dangerous for I should not go and drive.

My focus zeroes in on what my characters are doing,

What happens around me goes by as if I am not viewing.

I can actually see my characters reacting to their situations,

I write and rewrite the script as if they were real creations.

My wife says I get that look of total focus,

It is like some magic trick or hocus pocus.

I hope you like what I create and write about,

Sometimes I wonder and have some doubt.

But most of you have been supportive and fair,

Accepting my weird wit and comical flair.

So I will continue to blog and hopeful write something that you deem good,

To my readers I acknowledge you and hope that I am not misunderstood.


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