It was an amazing time with crazy notions,

Our brains reeled with convoluted motions.

We landed on the moon and yet many sat at their t.v.’s with disbelieve.

They thought it was a ploy, a movie made by NASA, the reasons they did not seek.


There was even a movie that promoted that theme, called

Capricorn One, do you believe it or not?

We were in the era of conspiracies that cropped up on every theme and thought.

It was used by many, it even was used, in commercials of things that we bought.

Above is a  still from the movie, it is not the moon!

And now in 2016 we have new themes that boggle our minds,

Our lives filled with doubts and cracks in our cerebellum are sure signs

Who do we believe, who is trust worthy and will tell us the truth,

I do not know for I have pickled my brain in gin and vermouth.


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