A scam artist and she was a woman

I never imagined it. But the proof is in the pudding if you wish to stick your finger in it. I will not mention the school, or a name, or a date but I will reveal the facts.

There was a teacher at my school. She knew she was moving to another state and there was three months left on the school year before she moved. She complained of stomach pain and went to the doctor.

Before we knew it she started going every week at least once a week and sometimes twice. The excuse was the only appointments she could get where at the end of the day. So since she had a last class after a break she would get someone who had a free period to cover the class. Being kind hearted teachers she found a few who did that for her. She pulled this off a least a dozen times.

No money involved just a thanks. And then one teacher got a little tired of it. She called the doctor she was supposedly seeing. There were no appointments. She was scamming the school and taking off the afternoons because she could and she was leaving anyway so the attitude was “what are you going to do about it anyway.”

I knew this woman was a scam artist from before but I kept out of it. I use to sell life insurance and in that world you get to know agents who sell car and home owners insurance. The lady in question asked me if I knew an agent. I gave her my Allstate friend who wrote her apartment insurance with some riders on her jewelry.

Low and behold she was robbed and the list was quite extensive. She put in a claim for over ten thousand dollars. This was the beginning of the year and the agent under obligation of responsibility did not tell me. Claim was paid. Then the woman in question asked me if I knew another agent. At this point I asked why and she told me of the claim. I gave her my State Farm agent. She called him and took out a policy just like she had with Allstate.

Now, I know you are getting the drift. I was in my friend’s agency talking to him when the call came in. She was robbed and faxed over the list of what was taken.

I had my friend at State Farm call my friend at Allstate and he faxed over the list of what they had paid out. It was the same list that she now was claiming. Same jewelry and other belongings. No changes. The agents called up their respective adjusters to pursue the fraud.

Now you know why she was leaving state. The noose was tightening. But I kept quiet, and then she played the coverage game. I controlled myself. But when she was gone I breathed a sigh of relief. Looking at her in the faculty room was a chore and I was glad she was gone.

Normally I look for the good in people. She made that difficult.



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