Observations on July 4


I have now lived in Florida for over forty years.  I originally was from New York and New Jersey.  Is my blood thinner and do I feel the cold differently?  It goes to forty decrees and I feel frozen.  I can tolerate the heat more or at least I think so.

What happened to my skin.  It bruises easily and I see my veins more.  I see rivers in my arms and hands and they are filled with blood running up and down my arms.

I lost my hair at an early age.  Yep, bald like the eagle.  How do people stand hair on their head with the heat and humidity at one hundred percent?

I had a cataract and had it removed.  What did they do in the old day?  I can see.  They must have seen a lot of blurs and it affected their daily lives.

Did the people of old have more problems with germs then we do?  Diseases of old have been cured or at least seem to be but now we have replacements.  Are we really better off?

Why do people starve when we produce so much?

When autos run themselves will they get a ticket if they malfunction and speed, or pass a yellow light or jump a curb?

Who is insane?  Are terrorists insane?  They justify killing with conviction.  What a crazy world.

Will the bloodshed ever stop?  As long as the world turns I doubt it?

Is their a world out there that is flat?  A planet with a strange shape?  A mist world?

Why is there so much water and so little land?

Is the yeti a hermit or just paranoid?  Considering the human race he should hide.

They are bringing back the old programs on retro channels.  I am watching the Equalizer again.  Love Boat floats again.  The programs are timed with death and age.  Most of the characters are now gone or very old.  Time marches on and the band plays the music slower.

We will today celebrate our nations birthday.  May it have many more.



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