We are a mixture of people

We are the bastard country!

A country of immigrants some in poverty and some in luxury.

Our roots intertwined and quite often acute.

Many of us on our heritage have kept it mute.


Can you tell who is what they appear to be?

Danish, Hindu or the blends of antiquity.

Who is Italian or Irish or a blend of both,

The raven states nevermore in his quote.


And yet we mix and match and are we stronger for the deed?

Only time will tell for the future of the blended seed.


An example of our natural selection process at work in our environment.

human faces 100,000 years in the future

100,000 years! Here Lamm predicts big changes, the most notable of which is the big Japanese Manga-style eyes that may feature “eye-shine enhance low-light vision and even a sideways blink from re-constituted plica semilunaris” to offer extra protection against cosmic rays. These futuristic faces follow the golden ratio proportions and are perfectly symmetrical from left to right, and have larger nostrils to make breathing in off-planet environments easier, as well as denser hair to contain heat loss from their even larger heads. Various implants might allow the man and woman of the future to always be connected, but these would be subtle and almost invisible.


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