My take on the word banana


The Banana Splits was a kid’s show featuring four funny animal characters on Saturday mornings. It was a Sid and Marty Kroft show. There was Fleegle, Bingo, Drooper and Snorky doing their bits with musical instruments. It ran from 1968 to 1970. It mixed live action with animation.


Slipping on a banana peel: Harold Lloyd of the silent screen used it wisely in a short called The Flirt. He peels a banana and throws the skin on the floor and a waiter trips on it with a full stack of dishes. Buston Keaton took it a step further by avoiding the peel. Thinking he is safe he slips on the second peel to the audience’s delight.



Chiquita Banana: Dik Browne drew her. The idea was to teach consumers the nutritional value of the banana. Browne also did the Campbell Soups and in the cartoons Hagar. Patty Clayton was hired to portray her but was

replaced by Elsa Miranda.


The Second Banana: There are many to choose from but my favorite was

Lou Costello. He played with Bud Abbott. They put a smile on my face over fifty years ago. I still smile when I see the routine “Whose on First” or hear Heeeeeyyy, Abbott. Lou was only five foot five but he did pratfalls. He developed a bad back. He was married to Anne Battler and they had four kids. One of them tragically died in the swimming pool. One of the funniest men ever and yet hurt by the sting of life.


Harry Belafonte made a hit song about the Banana Man.

Dayoo was a big hit and made him a fortune. It was featured in a movie called Beetlejuice.


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