The Eye of Death

Until the day I die, I’ll never forget those glassy, unblinking eyes.

The jaws of death came from beneath me, with a face I do despise.

I saw it from my peripheral view, coming from below,

I realized quickly the animal would chomp down and give me a tow.


Flashing before my eyes was my pathetic life, now cut short,

My instincts to save my soul was immediately, my curse words a retort.

I tried to pick up my legs, dangling out there in the danger zone,

I surprised my voice for I felt in my throat a death groan.


I thought of my life, my family, my downs and my ups,

My favorite pets those adorable and cuddly pups.

No longer able to hear their voices so much left to be said,

But now that I would be gone, my obituary to be read.


So many things I would have done,

So many things to enjoy the fun.

And now cut short, no thrill in that,

I felt like the strikeout when swinging the bat.


I would have gone to college and maybe I would have been a doctor,

Now that dream is going to be dead and I will become an unfilled proctor.

I would have had children, three children, boy and two girls, if I could,

If only I found a cute girl who matched my love and that would have been good.


I might have been an astronaut, a man who traveled space,

I might have come up with an invention which could save the human race.

But instead I am now chum and a meal ticket for this fiend,

This thing with those dead eyes and coming for me with a smile mean.


I have studied these species and my mind flashed to what to do,

This eating machine coming after me, coming from the deeps of the deep blue.

It happened in a second and I realized quickly that it was my fault,

I reached down in my mind for a solution from the memories in my vault.


I pulled the knife from my leg sheath, a pointed spear over twelve inches of steel,

You eat me and I will stab you I thought, you will pay with pain for this meal.

I hope I cause you severe indigestion and rip out your eye as tit for tat,

I clutched the knife in my hand and held it firm intending to trim my adversary’s fat.


I guess it was a twelve footer, a bit longer than me twice,

I envisioned my body caught in its mouth as a wedge in a vice.

How many bites was in my brain as I tensed up for the strike,

I wondered if death would be swift I readied my body, physicked.


I had always kept in shape and hopefully that would be to my advantage,

Maybe he will take an arm and if I am lucky to the boat I will manage.

Maybe a leg will be lost and I will live to see another day,

I am thinking without a leg that boat was off a long way.


Like I indicate this all occurred in seconds and it was my fault,

I had been spear fishing and the blood spread in the water like salt.

I had been broadcasting “fish food for you” and the shark was hungry,

So my last day on earth would be aptly enough a religious day, Sunday.


I was meat, just like the steak I eat the night before,

I would be a mess of flesh the shark my hungry whore.

I wondered if I would taste as good as A1A sauce on steak,

I realize now that my actions caused this circumstance and it was my mistake.


And then the miracle occurred and my life could be spared.

A pup seal came out of nowhere and it was definitely scared.

The shark, I think a Mako, his attention now diverted,

He picked the pup over me, poor pup should have not flirted.


And in front of me was a scene which caused me to avert my eyes,

I saw that poor pup get gulped by the creature with the dead eyes,

The scene would be seen by me in my nightmares that I will despise,

But at least I am alive, lying in bed, my body not desized.


Thank you, little pup seal and I am sorry for your loss,

But in the game of gambles the dice went against you in that toss.

And somewhere out there in the ocean is a creature with the dead eyes,

He hates me for I know why, thank God I did not get devoured and increase his size.


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