The Blog : The Phoenix

When bloggers do not blog they fade away just like generals who are no longer in the field,

Do not blog and the thoughts die out and before you know it your blog is death sealed.

Run out of ideas and your mind is clogged, jump start the  brain and leap frog.

Figure out what the readers want and do the deed and then revive your blog with speed.


I predict not or tell you what to do, I am no Tony Roberts who persuades you,

I do not set up the fire walk and ask you to cross, to burn your feet because I am your boss,

No say I, do your own thing, go with the beat of your own drums, and may your freedom ring.


I hate to be told what to do, do you agree,

That is why I am fancy free.

I have bosses and managers galore,

My wife rules me as I grovel on the floor.

I pay taxes to a government who ignores me accept when I pay,

I am a figment of a win like the new movie, Independence Day.


I so I go on my merry way,

I could complain, but what the hay.


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