Confusion in words

declassify is classifying Dee.

De is Latin for from:  thus defeat is from the feet.

Depends can get wet if worn and if worn out it will cause a flood down the legs.

gun control is controlling guns.  Do guns go out of control with the safety on?

On the house side is like a side of cole slaw.  It is cabbage with mayo.  No wonder the members of the House are flopping around.  It is the mayo that is at fault.

I used to live on a fault line.  I used the same line to pick up woman in a bar.  It caused them to leave me in droves.

I ordered sex on the beach and ended up with sand rash.

I found three tics on a clock.  Tic,Tic, and Tic.

I have an island in my  kitchen.  It is not long island, just a small square.  I put a ruler on it to order it cleaned by the maid.

I rented a renal and ended up sick like a dog.

How sick is a dog?  How hot is a dog?  What happens to the fourth dog in three dog night?

Do turkeys play chicken at Thanksgiving?

If I had a wife named Pebbles, would she rub me raw?

The sounds of silence can be deafening.

Have you ever lugged luggage with a bell cart?

How high can a bell hop hop?


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