People love to rule people

Do you not get tired of someone in your face telling you what to do?

Which direction to take, what to do and how and the rules for you.

And even if you think for yourself and want to take the road of your choice,

There is the ever presence of their nay sayings and the roughness of their voice.

Go here, do that, do not eat this and do eat that.

You need to lose weight, you need to exercise and lose fat.

You need to drive slower, you need to grease your car,

You need to take care of that vehicle for it will take you far.

And it goes on, the boss tells you what to do and so does the wife,

The teacher makes the rules, and everyone gives you strife.

You need to do this, and you need to do that,

It never sits well and that is where the truth sat.

But deep down there is a thought, to think for yourself and be free,

Struggling against the sea of being told what to do, to rise up from your knees.

And once in a while make the stand, take a side and make up your mind,

Enough of what others think and tell you, but remember to be kind.


One thought on “People love to rule people

  1. I’ve spent a lifetime searching for my own voice. I’m free at last to be myself, to think for myself, to listen to myself, and to decide my own path. So far, I’m doing just fine being my own boss.

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